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List of Abstracts

  1. Amar Aissani: Stochastic Analysis of a Network Under DoS Attack,

  2. Jan G. Bazan: Case-based Planning of Treatment Based on Data Sets and Domain Knowledge,

  3. Jan G. Bazan, Sylwia Buregwa-Czuma: Behavioral Pattern Identification in Analyzing of Time Series Gene Expression Data,

  4. Carmen Bolosteanu: Boundary Value Problems on Klein Surfaces,

  5. Teodor Bulboaca: Sandwich results for some classes of integral and differential operators,

  6. A. Yousefian Darani, Characterization of the diameter of the zero-divisor graphs with respect to an ideal

  7. Dorota Dejniak: On Time and Mathematics,

  8. Florica Ioana Dragomirescu, Bogdan Caruntu, Raluca Mihaela Georgescu: Lyapunov functions in a Leslie-Gower model,

  9. Grzegorz Drałus: Investigation of influence of parameters synthetic criterion on the quality dynamic global model of complex systems,

  10. N. Eghbali, E. Ansari-Piri: Notes on almost n-multiplicative and approximately Jordan maps ,

  11. Beata Fa┼éda J├│zef Zaj─ůc: Mathematical economics in Poland from J.M. Hoene-Wronski to W. M. Zawadzki,

  12. Barbara Fryc, Zbigniew Suraj: Approximate Petri nets as a modelling tool of approximate reasoning,

  13. Franciszek Grabowski, Przemysław Hawro Marek Zarychta:: Agent technologies in the context of non-extensive thermodynamics,

  14. Jerzy W. Grzymala-Busse, Wojciech Rzasa: On the set approximation accuracy for characteristic relations,

  15. Stefan Jackowski: Trends in mathematics as seen from the perspective of Fields' medalists research areas

  16. Izabela Jóźwik, Małgorzata Terepeta: Mathematics in poetry,

  17. Stanisława Kanas: Quasiconformal extension and pre-schwarzian derivative for the class of k-uniformly convex and k-starlike functions,

  18. Stanisława Kanas, Jadwiga Orłowska-Puzio: Extremal problems for some subclass of close-to-convex functions,

  19. K. R. Karthikeyan: Some conditions for functions to be Bazilevic with respect to k-symmetric points,

  20. Wojciech M. Kempa: On departure process in batch arrival queue with single vacations and setup times,

  21. Jacek Kluska: Some results on analytical approach to fuzzy modeling and applications,

  22. Tomasz K. Krajka and Zdzisław Rychlik: Limit theorems for products of sums of independent random variables,

  23. Joanna Kucner: On interest and attitude of students to some extra problems in mathematics tests,

  24. Zuzana Kureková, Lucia Záhumenská: Learning by a Game,

  25. Bogdan Kwolek: Optimization Methods for Object Tracking and Segmentation

  26. Bogdan Ksiezopolski, Zbigniew Kotulski, Pawel Szalachowski: Adaptable network security for cryptographic protocols,

  27. Piotr Liczberski: Biholomorphic boundary starlike maps in C^n,

  28. Marian Liskowski: Approximation problems in some modular function spaces,

  29. Jo─âo Matias, Aldina Correia, Pedro Mestre and Carlos Ser├┤dio: Simplex Filter Algorithm for non linear Optimization without derivatives,

  30. Przemysław Matuła, Zbigniew A. Łagodowski: On the strong law of large numbers for random variables with multidimensional indices,

  31. Eva Mokr├í┼łov├í, Mathematics in Physics, Physics in Mathematics,

  32. Iwona Naraniecka, Jan Szynal, Anna Tatarczak: The generalized Koebe function and associated families of functions and polynomials

  33. Marek Pałasiński, Barbara Fryc and Zofia Machnicka: Information systems - is a number of values of attributes essential?

  34. Michał Pańczyk: On some application of Kolmogorov complexity,

  35. Przemyslaw Pardel: Augmenting Reality Using Image Based Lighting and High Dynamic Range images,

  36. W. Ple┼Ťniak, Jackson property in R^n,

  37. Arkadiusz Płoski:Singularities at infinity of polynomials in two complex variables,

  38. Dmitri Prokhorov: Slit solutions to the Loewner equation,

  39. Agnieszka Prusińska, Ewa Szczepanik: p-factor methods for degenerate optimization problems,

  40. Dorina R─âducanu: On the properties of a class of analytic functions,

  41. Piotr Romanowski: Analysis of Chronologically Arranged Data Extension,

  42. Piotr Romanowski: Deleting Nodes from a Binary Search Tree,

  43. A.D. Ruslanov, A.V. Bashylau: Kinetic features of iron (ii)-ascorbate-dependent lipid peroxidation,

  44. S. W. Saputro, E. T. Baskoro, A. N. M. Salman, D. Suprijanto: The metric dimension of regular bipartites graphs,

  45. C. Selvaraj: On a generalized family of differential operators associated with a subclass of analytic functions with respect to k-symmetric points,

  46. C. Selvaraj, M. Thirucheran: On a subclass of b-Pascu k-uniformly convex functions with negative coefficients,

  47. J├│zef Siciak: Ostrowski's gap theorems for power series of several complex variables,

  48. Magdalena Sobczak-Kne─ç, Katarzyna Tr─ůbka-Wi─Öc┼éaw: On typically real functions which are generated by a fixed typically real function,

  49. Janusz Sokół: Classes of multivalent functions associated with a convolution operator,

  50. Justyna Stasieńko: Business Intelligence Systems in Decision Making Process,

  51. Przemysław Stpiczński: Using novel data structures for solving numerical problems on multicore and manycore computers,

  52. Toshiyuki Sugawa: Correspondence between spirallike functions and starlike functions,

  53. Yohanes Sukestiyarno: The Effective Learning of Mathematics : ÔÇśCentral TendencyÔÇÖ using Integrated and Discovery Strategy Based on Technological Application,

  54. Zbigniew Suraj: Rough Set Methods for Knowledge Discovery and Process Mining,

  55. Zbigniew Suraj, Katarzyna Garwol, Piotr Grochowalski: Bibliographical database RSDS: a new version of the system,

  56. Zbigniew Suraj, Krzysztof Pancerz, Piotr Grochowalski: Information versus knowledge in a bibliographical database RSDS,

  57. Oleg Tikhonenko: Generalized processor sharing systems with limited memory space,

  58. Vladilen A. Trenogin, Anca-Veronica Ion: New results in the stability study of non-autonomous evolution equations in Banach spaces,

  59. Lucyna Trojnar-Spelina: Convolutions and certain families of analytic functions,

  60. Wiesław Wajs, Jolanta Wojtowicz, Hubert Wojtowicz: Simulation of electrohydrodynamic phenomenon using computational intelligence algorithms,

  61. Agnieszka Wi┼Ťniowska-Wajnryb: Some bounds for k-uniformly convex and related classes of starlike functions,

  62. Andrzej Wrzesień: On some invariant of two-parametrical families of differentiable functions,

  63. Hiroshi Yanagihara: Variability regions of analytic functions subordinated by convex functions

  64. Marek Zarychta, Franciszek Grabowski: Percolation and epidemics over a complex network,

  65. Jaroslav Zemanek: On fixed points of holomorhic mappings,

  66. Katarzyna Zi─Ötek-Kwa┼Ťniewska: Expected shortfall as a coherent measure of risk.